Movement IQ®

was founded by Ranah Farkhondeh, a holistic personal trainer and movement coach formerly based in New York City + Los Angeles. Ranah has been a certified personal trainer for over six years, having previously worked as a Tier X health coach and Master Instructor for Equinox, Inc. — one of America’s most prolific fitness companies.

Ranah launched Movement IQ® back in New York City because she was frustrated by the lack of quality programming and attention to detail in conventional group classes. Her extensive background in functional strength training, postural rehabilitation, kettlebell training, and Pilates led her to realise that postural awareness and mindful movement were missing links in the overabundance of training methods out there.

Ranah believes that a slower pace, a quality-over-quantity approach, and highly intentional living are fundamental to living well. Having long been drawn to Italian culture for these reasons, Ranah chose Florence specifically for its Renaissance roots. Through Movement IQ®, she hopes to bring a spirit of renewal and rebirth to modern fitness.

Welcome to your body.
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